Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Dream Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the day of love and is celebrated on 14th of February of every year. As they say, love gets multiplied by sharing it with as many people as possible. Therefore, I have chosen Delhites as my Valentine and ArvindKejriwal as the agent of change in making my Valentine Happy.

Since, I have unlimited powers for one day, I will firstly, make him Delhi’s chief minister by “Rigging the elections”. This is not possible in real life given the kind of money power BJP enjoys. I would rig the EVMs such that 50% of BJP’s votes would be recorded as AAP’s votes (remember Bali vsSugreev from Ramayana – So I play Lord Rama here)

This would ensure that Delhi gets the benefit of Arvind’svision for next five years. However, this in itself will not serve much purpose; there are so many institutional issues which need to be fixed. I will solve all those problems as well on 14th February.

1. Modi becomes a Bhakt of Kejriwal

Since, center controls a lot of things in Delhi, I will plant the idea of Kejriwal being a great guy in the mind of Mr. NarendraModi (Inception Movie style - I love you Nolan) which would mean that Delhi will receive the maximum help from Center in terms of Grants and Guess what BJP will not even know on why this is happening.

2. Women Safety Issue

Women safety is the biggest issue in Delhi currently so I would solve this issue at the fundamental level. I would fit all the men’s brains with a device so that they get an electric shock as soon as any bad thought comes into their mind. I bet these kinds of thoughts would not come back in their minds once they taste this delicious shock.

3. Traffic Issues

Road rage is another big problem in Delhi wherein people get into fights on smallest of issues. I will install a device in each vehicle which would sense the rage level of the driver and give him a tight slap if the rage level goes beyond a threshold. Lets see who gets angry after this arrangement comes into effect (#Anger Management).

4. Solving the Water Issue

Currently, over 60 lakh of Delhites don’t have access to potable water due to negligence of earlier Governments. It would take a lot of time for any new Government to get the infrastructure developed. I would put up the pipelines for water distribution to all the unauthorized colonies (Hope you are hearing Ravish - #RavishAsksKejriwal).

5. Free Wifi

In today’s world, Wi-Fi is the biggest requirement and Arvind has already promised the same. I would hack into all the internet providers’ systems and change their passwords to #FreeWifiFromAAP. This password would then be delivered to all the internet connected devices.

6. Lack of Colleges

We Delhites complain too often about the lack of colleges in Delhi so I will turn into Hanuman ji and get all the top Universities including Oxford, Harvard and Stanford from around the world to Delhi. This would also mean that all the top minds in the world including Zuckerburg and Bill Gates would get associated with Delhi and help Arvind in making this a world class city

7. Last but not the least

I would gather all the corrupt politicians in Delhi and would make them sit on a donkey with their faces blackened and garlanded with shoes. Their procession will then be taken through the city so that they become so ashamed that they never ever think of stepping into the political systems forever.
I know all of these are just dreams and would never come true but then this is the power of dreams. They can make anything happen while the dream is on.

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  1. i liked everything...beautiful...but the last couple of lines...everything is possible my friend.

  2. Congrats! for being winner first of all, u really deserve it. And it seems that ur valentine wish is fulfilled to some extent in this election. Lol :) Nice blog!!

  3. 78/100 . And you have made it to the top. Congratulations. :)

  4. Congrats and amen to your thoughts :)