Tuesday 27 December 2011

Bug In Windows Calculator !

Have you ever used square root button in windows? If yes, it is a possibility that you might have come across this bug. If not, you are just about to know it.

Just follow the steps:

1. Open calculator i.e. 
2. Goto Run and type calc and press enter or simple open it from All Program => 
3. Now type 4, take its square root  by using the square root button (sqrt), now you will 
   get 2, Subtract 2 from it. The answer should be 0 but it's not. You would have got a long 
   number as your answer.

It was as simple. Here is the general syntax to this bug.

1. Take Any number
2. Take its square root
3. Subtract its square root from it
4. Your answer is not 0.. That’s the bug.

1 comment:

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