Saturday 28 January 2012

How a Hardware Keylogger Works

Hi, Hackers-Team Reader. Today I will explain how hardware keyloggers works. If you dont know what is "Keyloggers" please have to look to our previous post on Keylogger-Basics. However there are also hardware keyloggers which perform basically the same function except in the form of an external hardware device as opposed to an internal installation on your PC. The more recent hardware keyloggers are very small and often go undetected since they do not utilize any software or driver installation.

Hardware Keyloggers Defined

Hardware keyloggers work externally to track keystrokes, record conversations, monitor email, and track document creation. The more recent hardware keyloggers are very small
in size and unobtrusive. When the device is connected to your PC it tracks computing activity and is typically used to monitor your children or track the activities of employees in the workplace.

The computing activity which is logged is recorded on the hardware keylogger device and then you use a specific key combination on the keyboard to make the keylogger appear as another disk drive on the PC you are monitoring. From the disk drive you can then view the logs which reveal the computing activity.

How do Hardware Keylogger Looks:


PS2  - Hardware Keylogger

USB - Hardware Keylogger

Wifi USB - Hardware Keylogger

Hardware Keylogger Features and Functions

It is very easy to install a hardware keylogger on a PC. You simply connect it in between the USB keyboard and USB port and it starts collecting information on keystrokes and computing activity. Other features include:

  • Customized Configuration: The configurations for a hardware keylogger device can be customized to password protect access to the log and activate the logging feature. This is typically accomplished by creating a Config.txt file which is stored in the root folder of the flash drive.
  • Multilingual Capability: Hardware keylogger devices provide support for different languages by using a national layout for language-adapted keyboards such as Spanish or French. The national layout allows national characters to be logged correctly onto the hardware keylogger device.
  • Absence of Software and Drivers: Hardware keylogger devices do not require any software or driver installation. They work independently of the PC operating system to avoid using CPU resources which may slow down PC performance and reveal the presence of the device.
  • Review Logs in Flash Drive Mode: Once the data has been recorded on the hardware keylogger device you can read the log on any PC that has a USB port. You simply plug the hardware device into the USB port and enter your password to switch to flash drive mode. The drive will become visible where you can access it to view the logs.
Most hardware keyloggers are flexible when it comes to supporting different types of keyboards including PS2, USB, wireless, and multimedia keyboards. The device is also compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, MacOS, and Linux and can be used with older PC systems.

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