Monday 9 January 2012

Why Hackers Make Virus.. ?

With the development of computer technology, developing the technology and sophistication a virus. Even now the spread of the virus can occur more quickly to the world through the internet access more extensive. Now we will try to actually find out why and what cause someone is always working to create a new virus to spread throughout the world each day. We got 9 reasons to explain:

1. Used as a research objects
In an online interview. Dark Avenger, a virus maker from Bulgaria said: “I make a computer virus because I just heard of a computer virus and want to know about it, but
there are no people around me who can explain “what is it?”. So I decide to create my own virus. I create some codes in it which can damage any data or files. I apologize about it. I started in September 1988.

2. Does not want to lose with the Antivirus vendor
Some are saying that with the development of antivirus technology, the making of the virus motivated to make the virus more “violent” and more. He does not want to be a loser and give up with the latest antivirus technology.

3. Lack of employment for self-taught programmer
There is so many talented and smart programmers, but still out of luck because the IT company does not need any programmer which have not certified profession. Most of the programme is to obtain knowledge of the self-taught, whereas in almost all IT companies need an academic degree as a condition in which they work. A virus maker says “I make a virus just because do not know anything else that I need to make with my programming ability.”

4. Many Operating System or other software are vulnerable
Too many security holes in the operating system and software – the software can make a certain someone tempted to make a virus by exploiting those vulnerable software as a media for the distribution of the infection.
For example: In Microsoft Office which has a security hole tempted someone to create a ‘Macro virus. A security hole in Internet Explorer tempted someone to create a ‘Worm’ that spread rapidly to the world.

5. Need a famous and attention oriented
Many viruses which displays a text and images in the hope that the creator and his virus will become to famous throughout the world. Initially this virus is not harmful. But in its development, there are many groups appear separately which always competitive and maintain their existences with other virus makers.

Those groups will always keep generating a new virus that more powerful than before, which is not detected and spread quickly.
Groups of antivirus makers that is very popular at this time are:
     - Kaspersky Lab
     - Symantec
     - AVG

6. Steal and destroy data
There are so many viruses that are made intentionally damage data to someone. There are viruses that can format the hard drive up to more than 2 times to ensure to destroy the data.
Many viruses are also made to steal any data from someone. Suppose the current popularity is a virus that is made to steal passwords and data by uploading the data to the suspect’s computer. This type of virus is often used to steal data opponent, otherwise business opponent.

7. Revenge and disappointed
There are some of viruses makers will do anything for his revenge as his disappointed from his live. They will make a virus which will show their expression about their live. Usually they uses a text and image displayed appear in the virus.

8. Kiddiez
If we try browsing in Google with the keyword “virus generator”, we will find many programs and software that can create a virus which is instantly, even by people who do not understand programming, though. By this Virus Generator, we can make the virus and its variant easily. For example: vbswg (virus generator) made by [k] Alamar from Argentina. For those who make a virus using this tool, they will called as a kiddiez or children.

9. Annoying
This is the reason that is often answered by many of the virus maker. Usually they make a virus to spend their spare time and make it only because it annoying.

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