Saturday 22 December 2012

Create Folders Of Different Colors in Windows

I have something great for you all, So that you can make your desktop look good and attractive. This post is all about “How To Create Folders Of Different Colors In Windows”. By using a light weight software you can easily create folders of different colors in Windows systems.

Follow steps given below:

1. To create colorful folders, You need to download a software called as “Folder Colorizer”.
    Download Software "Click Here"

2. After downloading it, run the setup file and install it on your system.

3. To use it. You need to register & activate it.

4. Once software get activated, you can use it as shown below.

5. Go to any folder in your system and right click over it, You will see a colorize option there.

6. Now select any colors by just clicking over it.

7. If you don't like these colors you may even edit them by clicking “Colors” option at the last as shown in picture.

8. Pick any color you like & click Add color button.

9. If you want to restore the default folder color, Just click “Restore original color”.

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