Sunday 22 April 2012

Tata Docomo 3G Hack

Tata Docomo 3G Hack with 2G Plans

A loophole in Tata Docomo's systems that can be easily hacked to obtain 3G speed on 2G plan.

Follow the steps carefully:

  1. First you need to have a 3G phone with a 3G activated sim card (If your SIM is not 3G activated. Send a SMS to 53333 with "ACT 3G" without quotes).
  2. Recharge your mobile for the lowest 3G pack available. In my area, it is  the Rs.11 plan which provides 10MB of 3G usage. (To find what is the lowest pack in your area, you cam dial *141# & select 3G internet.)
  3. Once subscribed to the lowest 3G pack, connect to the internet using the access point named TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET. (If you don't have the settings, SMS INTERNET to 52270 & save the settings you recive.)
  4. Now, go to a system having internet connection (not connected through your phone), visit: Tata Docomo Online Recharge 
  5. Enter your mobile number click submit.
  6. Select special recharge enter your Email-ID. & select any of the data plans you need to go for ( It ranges from Rs.15 (500Mb) to Rs 149 (8GB) ) onces you are sure click submit.
  7. The next thing is to make payment.
  8. In payment mode select "Pay by your current Mobile Balance". (don't close the browser).
  9. you will recive a SMS with a verification code.
  10. Enter the varification code in the place asked in the website. Hit submit.
  11. Thats all you need to do.

Now check you browsing speed. it will be giving 3G speed but with 2G plans. :) You can also   connect you PC or laptop using phone PC Suit to use internet on then. If you have a 3G modem, insert the SIM in it and use it... Have fun.. :)

Note: Precautions you should take
  • Your account should have enough balance for the two recharges mentioned. For example, if you want 2.5Gb internet, you should have at least Rs.77 balance. If you want 500Mb, you should have a minimum balance of Rs.27.
  • Don't use this trick if you are travelling since the tower may get exchanged which will not allow you to make payment with same verification code.
Information provided by: 
  • Purnendu Ghosh
  • Zalak Patel

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    1. Hi,
      We haven't check it now. But as per the reports, its not working from past 3 weeks.

      Sorry. But don't get disappointed, We are looking on it. As soon as possible we will update the new technique.



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