Thursday 24 May 2012

Access Your Gmail Account Without Internet Connection

Gmail Offline a free Chrome web application, which allows you to access your Gmail account without any Internet connection. Using this application you can check your emails on the go without any internet connection.

The app allows you to read, respond and search mail. Till now we know that this app is only available for Google Chrome browser.

How to Setup
  • Install Google Chrome Browser.
  • After the Google Chrome is installed go to the Chrome Webstore and Download the "Gmail Offline App".
  • Once Installed, you will find Offline Gmail App icon on your Google Chrome applications page view.
  • When you click on it. It will ask you to approve to store inbox data locally.

Now even when you are offline, you can compose and send emails, archive items, read your mails, & anything else you normally do. When you reconnect to the Internet, the messages you composed offline will be sent.

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