Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mpxplay - Play Music in MSDOS

We all have played music in different media player in windows. but when it comes to MSDOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) we all no its not possible to play mp3 in it.

But today we are going to show you some tools or better to say a audio player which will help to to play songs in Dos.

Mpxplay is a 32-bit console audio player for DOS and Windows (Win2K, XP, Vista and Win7) operating systems. It supports AAC, AC3, ALAC, APE, FLAC, MP2/MP3, MPC, Vorbis, WMA, WV audio codecs, AIF and WAV/W64 files, and can play sound from videos using the AVI, ASF, MKV, MP4/MOV, MPG/VOB, OGG and TS containers. With plugins it plays: DTS, MOD and SPX too. Audio CD playing and ripping is also possible (CDW). It supports the following playlist types: M3U, M3U8, PLS, FPL, CUE, MXU. DOS version uses a 32-bit DOS extender (DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender being the most up-to-date version compatible).

Mpxplay supports many features unique to it among DOS/console media players. These include:
  • Native (DOS) support of many modern sound cards and sound chipsets
  • Commander-style directory, file and playlist handling
  • Multichannel support at AAC, AC3, DTS, FLAC and Vorbis inputs, and Win32/DirectSound, WAV-file outputs (from v1.58)
  • Realtime crossfading
  • Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) ID3tag/APETag and playlist handling (reading and writing)
  • Using of external DLLs, like audio decoders and encoders (DOS/4G and Win32 versions of Mpxplay)
  • FTP client (remote directory browsing and direct playing from ftp servers)
  • LCD display support (DOS only)
  • Support for reading and displaying long filenames under DOS using DOSLFN.

System requirements
DOS version of Mpxplay requires cca 100 MHz i486 CPU or faster for realtime play-back, exact value depends mostly from audio codec and file format used. 4-8 MiB RAM is also required. MS-DOS 5.00+ or equivalent (e.g. FreeDOS) is required.

Download: Mpxplay

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