Sunday 24 June 2012

Hotspot with Connectify

We all use are network to share files & internet connection with other on the same network. When it comes to wireless technology its easy to share services. But it always a bit complicated to configure a wireless networks, as it indulges security risks (i.e privacy of your data).

You must have heard about "Hotspot". A hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology. Hotspots may be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments throughout much of the developed world. 

Now to create a hotspot you require a wireless router to share the services on the network. but if you are planning to share a service in your home or in your college. You dont require to purchase a wireless router. If you have a laptop or a desktop with wifi card installed on it. you can use then to share the services with other over the network created by you. You can also create a AdHoc network to share services. but the only problem with AdHoc network is it will create a connection between desktops and laptops. you can't find that network on you mobile phones.. :P

If you have ever faced such problem. Here is the solution for you "Connectify." It is a software which helps you to create a wireless network with only some clicks and  there is no need to worry about the IP configuration. It does all for you.

Using this software you will be able to create a network. which can be found on you mobile phones to... :)

Download Connectify: Click Here

Steps to configure Connectify:
Step 1. Download and Install the software and reboot your system.
Step 2. Run the Software, If you haven't purchased it click on try.
Step 3. Provide a name for your wifi AP in Hotspot name field. (If you are using a trial version: name will always starts with "Connecify")
Step 4. Create a Password for your wireless network. Its always important to secure your network with a key to avoid security risks.
Step 5. In Internet to share option select your internet card through which your system is connected to internet. If you don't know that select automatic.
Step 6. Under the advance option "Share Over" select the network card through which you want to share you services.
Step 7. Select Sharing mode. It depends on the password you have given. WPA2 is only applicable in Windows 7 version. If you are using Xp or Vista you need to go with WEP or AdHoc security type. If you are using windows 7. Its recommended to use WPA2 as it provide higher security to your network then WEP. (If you are running windows 7. You can use you Wifi card in both step 5 and 6)
Step 8. Click on Start Hotspot.

Now you can scan the wifi AP around you. you will find one which you hav created. Connect to it and enjoy.

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  1. Dear,old trick admin you can share ur internet through wifi Iff it's connected via wifi-network only, not from ur 3g dongle,better u can create AD-HOK network that works better than that of ur connectify, it detects ur internet connection automatically & shares..

    Open the Start Menu.
    Click Control Panel.
    Click Network and Internet.
    Click Network and Sharing Center.
    Under Change your networking settings, click Set up a new connection or network.
    Select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network.
    Click on Next twice.
    Enter the Network name such as "LogicNetwork".
    Select the Security WAP (or WEP).
    Enter the Security key or password.
    Check Save this network check box.
    Click Turn on Internet connection sharing.

    1. We understand that you can share your network internet through Ad-Hoc network. but its not possible to share it to your phone. as it requires different channel to connect. Connectify helps you to create such a network on such channels, which is not possible on your Ad-Hoc network.

      Connectify doesn't require 3G dongle. 3G dongles are only meant for the commercial use to provide connection to you system through your telecom tower using GSM or CDMA network. (same as you mobile does, uses any SIM but mobile can help you to get connected to the desired Telecom network).

      This software is designed to host a network on channel which can be read by different devices. (Mobile Phones and your PC Wifi cards.)

      Hope you understand the use of this Software now... :)

  2. I think u didn't get my point,
    suppose i am using 3g dongle in my laptop &
    i want to share my internet through wifi it's not possible in connectify lite,
    i have to buy PRO version. rather IGRS is great software.