Friday 29 June 2012

Photoshop CS5

Photoshop is the leading digital image editing application for the Internet, print, and other new media disciplines. It is embraced by millions of graphic artists, print designers, visual communicators, and regular people like you. It's likely that nearly every picture you've seen (such as posters, book covers, magazine pictures, and brochures) has either been created or edited by Photoshop.

We all know that there are several way to use a full version of a software. (Patch or Cracks). But the most easy & safe way to use a full version of any software is to use a serial key for it. (Ahhh.. Who knows, may be the cracks or patch EXE files carries a virus or backdoor with it.)

The price of Photoshop CS5 is around US $999 which is pretty expensive :( . So today we will be explaining you. How you can use a full version of Photoshop CS5 with serial key provide in this post.

First of all you need to install CS5 into your system. If you don't have. Go and download one. Click Here

Once installation is finished. You need to set host file in your system to direct all the request to your own system rather then going to adobe server. Adobe server tell the software whether your key is genuine or not.

To do so, follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\" folder.

Step 2: open the "Host" file in it, using notepad or your favorite text editor.

Step 2: Add this line at the end of file content “        activate.adobe.com” with no quotes. Now save the host file. (what it does is that, It direct all your TCP request for activate.adobe.com to your own system. is a loop back ip to your own system, its default)

Now run CS5. When you run it for the first time. It will ask you for the serial key, use any one from the list of key provided. Click Here


Now you can enjoy full version of Photoshop CS5 without any problem. :D

Information provided by: 

  • Rocky Allias Abdul

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