Sunday 13 January 2013

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013

This the good news for all the Hackers and programmers, that Facebook have announced the date of Third Hacker cup 2013. This is world wide Programming and hacking competition where Facebook invites all the hackers and programmer over the world wide. This is for the fame, name and glamour. With this winner will get the tittle of the best hacker in the world. There is a prize also for the world champion $10,000 amount.

Now registration is going on and it is free of cost. So whats for waiting register now and show your talent to the world.

The dates have been set for Facebook Hacker Cup 2013.
  • Registration --> (7 - 27 Jan)
  • Online Qualification Round --> (25 - 27 Jan)
  • Online Elimination Round 1 --> (2 Feb)
  • Online Elimination Round 2 --> (9 Feb)
  • Online Elimination Round 3 --> (16 Feb)
  • Onsite Finals at Facebook  --> (22 - 23 March)
Register yourself : Click Here  (https://www.facebook.com/hackercup/register)

Some of the pictures from the Hacker cup 2012.

(Roman Andreev - Winner of Facebook Hacker Cup 2012 From Russia)

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